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John Sousa 84



John B. Sousa, Jr.
Class of 1984






  • Volunteered as student library assistant @ CHS – pre-internet organization of research material
  • UMassLowell: BS Industrial Management, certified as MA Public Purchasing Official
  • Suffolk Univ: MBA, Finance Concentration – top 20% of class; Business Honor Society
  • Post college/pre-Chelmsford: skills in managing large groups of employees, stock, & funds
  • Cemetery Superintendent – preservation, care, and improved financing of cemeteries
  • Fully certified Finance Director/Treasurer of Chelmsford, frequent AA+ bond rating

An example of laying groundwork for future success was John’s time as a volunteer student library assistant at CHS in the pre-internet years, where he organized research materials in a way that made it much easier for students to find the answers they needed for their work. At UMass-Lowell his BS in Industrial Management led to his being certified as a Massachusetts Public Purchasing Official. John was in the top 20% of his class and in the Business Honor Society in the field of finance at Suffolk University’s MBA program. John’s career stops in management of large groups of employees, stock, and funds laid more groundwork. As Cemetery Superintendent, he made great strides in preservation, care, and improved financing of the cemeteries. John now serves the Town of Chelmsford as the fully certified Finance Director and Treasurer, and takes the lead in making sure that the Town frequently has a AA+ bond rating.