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All graduates of Chelmsford High School in Chelmsford, Massachusetts are eligible for membership in the Alumni Association. Alumni members currently range from the Class of 1929 to the present. CHS faculty members and administration are also encouraged to join, along with anyone else who wishes to support this organization. CHSAA members receive a copy of The Lion's Pride Magazine 3 times per year. Click Here to join the CHSAA

Membership dues are collected on a rolling basis in March, June, September, and December, depending on when you first joined the Association. You will receive a renewal form in the mail when your membership is about to expire. If you have received this notice and wish to renew your membership, please click here to renew online, or simply mail a check to the address given below, Attn: Membership Renewal.

Consider your renewal an opportunity to update us with your most current biographical information. We look forward to hearing what's new about you!

Chelmsford High School Alumni Association

200 Richardson Road
No. Chelmsford, MA 01863