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7 Steps to Becoming a Better Investor7 Steps to Becoming a Better Investor 
Martin Krikorain CHS ‘77

ISBN-10: 1478708948
ISBN-13: 978-1478708940

Contrary to what Wall Street and much of the financial media and investment industry would like us to believe, successful investing is not about: Chasing after Top 10 lists of Chot stocks, and mutual fund recommendations; Attempting to time the markets; Relying on the predictions guesswork, and hunches of investment gurus; Reacting to the daily stock market news on CNBC. The evidence is pretty overwhelming that none of these things does anything but lose you money. Some of the topics covered include: Calculating how much money you'll need to retire; How to achieve higher returns with less risk; How to determine your risk tolerance level; Why index funds outperform most actively managed mutual funds; Why investing in individual stocks is a fool's game; Determine how much you'll need to save for retirement. Why every investor should have bonds in their portfolio. The importance of asset allocation. How to determine if your financial adviser is acting in your best interest. And much more!

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