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Author's Corner

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Edly Paints the Ivories Blue Book 1 Edly Paints the Ivories Blue Book 1
Peter Reynolds CHS ‘78


A blues-based, improvisation-friendly, alternative piano method & supplement for the beginner or advanced beginner and piano lovers of blues, jazz, rock, or any pop styles. Have fun with this non-traditional piano method!

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Edlys Music Theory for Practical People Level 1Edly’s Music Theory for Practical People Level 1
Peter Reynolds CHS ‘78


Music theory need not be dreary! This eBook is the first in a two-part e-series of this well-loved book. Its clear and friendly writing and wry humor, coupled with fun illustrations throughout, makes the topic that music students think of as dry and boring, into something approachable, attainable, and yes, even enjoyable. For players of all instruments and singers, and—something that sets it apart from most theory books—even those who don't read music; it is applicable to all genres of music.

Level 1 (of two) covers the natural and chromatic musical alphabets, triad and 7th chord construction, major and minor scales, keys, and key signatures, intervals and inversion, diatonic chords, functions, and inversion, 12 bar blues, the circle of fifths, ear-training, secondary dominants, an introduction to transposition, and finally, cadences. It features a fully-linked “Glossarindex”—a combination glossary and index.

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Im HereI’m Here 
Peter Reynolds CHS ‘78

ISBN-10: 1416996494
ISBN-13: 978-1416996491

I’m here. 
And you’re there. 
And that’s okay. 
maybe there will be a gentle wind that pulls us together. 
And then I’ll be here and you’ll be here, too. 
Pure, powerful and deceptively simple, bestselling author and illustrator Peter H. Reynolds reminds us that children—and the friendships they make—can take flight in unexpected ways.

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Peter Reynolds CHS ‘78

ISBN-10: 076362344X
ISBN-13: 978-0763623449

A creative spirit learns that thinking "ish-ly" is far more wonderful than "getting it right" in this gentle new fable from the creator of the award-winning picture book THE DOT.
Ramon loved to draw. Anytime. Anything. Anywhere.
Drawing is what Ramon does. It¹s what makes him happy. But in one split second, all that changes. A single reckless remark by Ramon's older brother, Leon, turns Ramon's carefree sketches into joyless struggles. Luckily for Ramon, though, his little sister, Marisol, sees the world differently. She opens his eyes to something a lot more valuable than getting things just "right." Combining the spareness of fable with the potency of parable, Peter Reynolds shines a bright beam of light on the need to kindle and tend our creative flames with care.

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The Best Kid in the WorldThe Best Kid in the World 
Peter Reynolds CHS ‘78

ISBN-10: 1442471786
ISBN-13: 978-1442471788

When SugarLoaf discovers that her parents once bestowed the Best Kid in the World Award on her brother, her first thought is: But . . . but . . . but what about me? 

She wants to be the Best Kid in the World, so she decides to be so very helpful that her parents can’t not give the award to her. However, every one of SugarLoaf’s good deeds ends in disaster, and it seems that the award is farther away from her grasp than ever. But what SugarLoaf doesn’t realize is that trying counts for a lot, so she might have a better chance at taking the Best Kid in the World throne than she imagines.

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the dotthe dot 
Peter Reynolds CHS ‘78

ISBN-10: 0763619612
ISBN-13: 978-0763619619

With a simple, witty story and free-spirited illustrations, Peter H. Reynolds entices even the stubbornly uncreative among us to make a mark - and follow where it takes us.

Her teacher smiled. "Just make a mark and see where it takes you."
Art class is over, but Vashti is sitting glued to her chair in front of a blank piece of paper. The words of her teacher are a gentle invitation to express herself. But Vashti can’t draw - she’s no artist. To prove her point, Vashti jabs at a blank sheet of paper to make an unremarkable and angry mark. "There!" she says. 
That one little dot marks the beginning of Vashti’s journey of surprise and self-discovery. That special moment is the core of Peter H. Reynolds’s delicate fable about the creative spirit in all of us.

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The North StarThe North Star 
Peter Reynolds CHS ‘78

ISBN-10: 0763636770
ISBN-13: 978-0763636777

It is often said that life is a journey, and it’s true. But sometimes it’s hard to know which path to follow when signs point in so many directions. In this beautifully illustrated book, Peter H. Reynolds once again encourages readers to observe, to wonder, and to consider diverging from the well-worn path — to pursue their dreams. Originally published more than ten years ago, THE NORTH STAR has had a profound effect on its many readers. This edition, featuring all new art, celebrates the book’s own voyage connecting people around the world. It has inspired classroom activities, a musical, and countless thoughtful journeys.

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