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 CHSAA Vice President’s SHARE program needs your help!               

By Dennis Hunt Class of 1964


Watch this video to hear Dennis describe his vision for S.H.A.R.E.

The Chelmsford High School Alumni Association has created a new program called SHARE.

This program is based on the idea and belief that the knowledge and experiences of our alumni and teachers, past and present, would be of extreme help to current CHS students.

Juniors and seniors in particular, would love to hear from past graduates who may have attended a college of their choice or would like to find out if that college choice met all of your expectations. All of us are familiar with the following questions as we stumbled up the path of career planning:

  • What do I want to do after graduation?
  • What profession is best for me?
  • What experiences do I need?
  • How do I get these experiences?
  • Which college(s) would be best?

By SHARING your stories, students can learn from your success and make their journey up the career path a little less bumpy and a lot more certain!

In the past we used words like mentoring and volunteering for those of you that might be interested in offering your assistance and support. In such hectic and busy times we all live in, our everyday life path isn’t so smooth without potholes either!

Therefore, to remove the fear of being tangled in one more commitment, all we are asking, at this time, is that if you feel you could answer a few questions about the college(s) you attended or your line of work (even if now retired) - that would be greatly appreciated. If, later on, your initial email with this person brought back memories of your earlier days and sparked a desire to do more like:

  • have them shadow you at work for just a day or two
  • critique their college application or maybe even a resume
  • have mock interviews to practice questions and strategies
  • help them learn about their values, interests, skills, and personality and how they influence diverse career paths
  • explore different career options and how to make themselves a strong candidate for their dream career

Then this additional interest and effort, to coach and inspire young minds, truly fulfills our original meaning behind volunteering to mentor Chelmsford High School kids!

So, right now, we are not asking you to volunteer big blocks of time or sign-up for mentoring classes online. What we are looking for are caring CHS alumni and/or members of our Chelmsford community who are willing to answer questions from students and alumni about where they work or once did, what they did or now do and how they got there. (Colleges)

Please help us. Just as sports teams need players, our program needs inspiring sharers like you to help fellow CHS students find the right footing on their travels down the road after graduation and up the hill to choosing their life’s work.

Type or Click the following link into your browser: (case sensitive)  and fill out the SHARE profile.                   

 As facilitator of this SHARE program, I thank you for your anticipated help. Dennis Hunt

This program is sponsored by the Chelmsford High School Alumni Association. Comments and questions about the SHARE mentor experience can be sent to