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Author's Corner

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Lost Ski Areas of the White Mountains Lost Ski Areas of the White Mountains
Jeremy Craig CHS ‘96

ISBN-10: 1596294795
ISBN-13: 978-1596294790

The White Mountains of New Hampshire are world renowned for the array of skiing opportunities offered to every skier, from beginner to gold medal Olympian. Today over a dozen resorts entice tourists and locals each year with their well-manicured trails, high-speed lifts and slope-side lodging. But scattered throughout this region, the ghosts of former ski areas can still be found. In the White Mountains alone, sixty ski areas have closed since the 1930s. Author Jeremy Davis has compiled rare photographs, maps and personal memories to ensure that these beloved ski outposts, cherished by generations of skiers, are given recognition for transforming the White Mountains into a premier ski destination. 

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The Moon has been Eaten The Moon has been Eaten
Jim Craig CHS ’63 

ISBN-10: 0615524427
ISBN-13: 978-0615524429

The Moon has been Eaten: Images from a Year on Easter Island is a special Limited Edition printing of 500 numbered, signed copies. The 98 images in this quality, smythe bound volume were originally full sized exhibition prints. Each is accompanied by a 250 word anecdote in both English and Spanish. Titles are in Rapanui (the native island language) with English and Spanish translation. Also included are an island map, glossary of Rapanui terms and thumbnail image index with technical data on individual images. James Craig personally supervised the tritone printing of this 10 x11 volume. Also included are a signed original image and an extras DVD containting interractive PDF iPad adapted versions of the book (English and Spanish). The Moon has been Eaten was inspired, in part, in response to a chance encounter on the island with a copy of Fred Picker s RAPA NUI, a B&W volume of images of Easter Island from 1974, and the realization that the work Jim Craig had been doing for more than a year was an updated, if graphically different portrait of this fascinating land.

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