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Author's Corner

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Baby Sea OtterBaby Sea Otter
Joan Paley CHS '57

ISBN-10: 0805075046
ISBN-13: 978-0805075045

At the edge of the ocean, a baby sea otter is born. The newborn pup is little and helpless. Her mother must protect her from predators like the fierce bald eagles that are always ready to swoop after a baby. 
The young otter grows up quickly. When she is old enough to fend for herself, she finds a mate. Soon the sea otter will have a tiny pup of her own. In simple, evocative text and vibrant illustrations, this picture book explores the life cycle of the sea otter.

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I Like StarsI Like Stars
Joan Paley CHS '57

ISBN-10: 0307261050
ISBN-13: 978-0307261052

I like stars. Blue stars. Far stars. Shooting stars. I like stars!

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Little White DuckLittle White Duck
Joan Paley CHS '57

ISBN-10: 0316032271
ISBN-13: 978-0316032278

Quack, buzz, glug, and hiss along to this beloved song, brought to life in picture book form by artist Joan Paley. Musical notation is included. Full color.

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Meet Our Flag Old GloryMeet Our Flag, Old Glory
Joan Paley CHS '57

ISBN-10: 0316738093
ISBN-13: 978-0316738095
This is the perfect pick for the budding patriot! Lively verse in large, easy-to-read type is paired with bold illustrations to create a stunning book about the American flag for even the youngest reader. A comprehensive history of the flag is included at the end, making this book especially useful for both classroom and home all year round.

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Moon GlowingMoon Glowing
Joan Paley CHS '57

ISBN-10: 0525468730
ISBN-13: 978-0525468738

The autumn leaves are twirling down. The squirrel is stashing, the bat swooping, the beaver building, and the big bear is feasting well. In this simple, rhythmic story, four quite different furry animals prepare resting places for the coming winter. Spare prose by award-winning author Elizabeth Partridge marks the progress of each animal and the final, quiet beauty of the forest's first snowfall. Joan Paley's colorful, textured collage art, playful yet tender, captures the wonder of the unfolding autumn season and the arrival of the silent winter. This warmly stylized vision of a changing forest and its four snug tenants is sure to become a favorite of young children.

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One More River A Noahs Ark Counting SongOne More River A Noah’s Ark Counting Song
Joan Paley CHS '57

ISBN-10: 0316607029
ISBN-13: 978-0316607025

Old Noah built a great big Ark, There's one more river to cross, He patched it up with hickory bark, There's one more river to cross. So begins this well-loved song that follows the animals' journey into Noah's Ark. Count along with Noah as the animals march two by two and three by three into his giant Ark. Joan Paley's stunning and dynamic collages perfectly illustrate the traditional song.

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The Emperor Lays and EggThe Emperor Lays and Egg
Joan Paley CHS '57

ISBN-10: 0805076360
ISBN-13: 978-0805076363

All the other wild creatures have left the Antarctic. The wind is too cold and the sun does not shine during the long, dark months of winter. But the father emperor stays behind with thousands of other fathers. Each of them takes care of an egg . . .

Follow as a penguin grows from egg to adulthood in the coldest place on earth

In the middle of winter, in the coldest place on earth, the mother emperor penguin lays her egg. The father rolls the egg onto his feet and keeps it warm. He doesn't eat or even move for two whole months. Finally the egg hatches.

Stunning collages of hand-painted paper and clear, evocative text capture the beauty and drama of the icy Antarctic world and one of its most fascinating and endearing inhabitants.

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Unbeatable BeaksUnbeatable Beaks
Joan Paley CHS '57

ISBN-10: 0805048022
ISBN-13: 978-0805048025

A beak is a spoon, a beak is a slicer.
A beak is a scraper, stabber, and spiker.

Have you ever wondered why birds have different shaped beaks? Many beaks are long and pointy while others are round and smooth. Some beaks have ridges; some are even shaped like spoons. Beaks are to birds what hands are to humans. That's why birds can do the most amazing things with their beaks--from spearing fish to turning eggs. 

Stephen R. Swinburne's lyrical, chant-along text and Joan Paley's stunning paper collage illustrations introduce young children to a variety of wonderful birds and their distinctive beaks of all sizes, shapes, and colors.

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